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Skillz Academy is an 8- week, intensive, training program that is designed to recruit, train and place individuals in business oriented roles in technology companies. Our program targets individuals that are traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry including women, minorities, and people from low income communities. 

Our first program is a Software Sales Training program that trains individuals for entry level positions in sales, customer success, and customer support. In doing so, we will also address the lack of racial, economic and gender diversity in the tech industry which remains one of the least racially or economically diverse industries in the United States. As a technology industry continues to grow, there is an ever increasing need for business- oriented technology roles to support the sale and distribution of technology products and services. Unfortunately, many of the women and minorities that would be great candidates for these jobs often lack the training to compete for jobs in high growth industries like tech. Since our existing educational infrastructure is ill-equipped to fulfill this growing demand, our goal at Skillz Academy is to fill this gap by providing employers with a group of well trained and diverse candidates who are excited to launch a career in tech. 


hospitality and retail jobs lost during COVID-19


% of tech workforce - Black/Latinx


# of sales jobs in tech - next 8 years

*US Bureau of Labor Statistics

A number of trends in the U.S economy suggest that many jobs in the hospitality, travel, and retail industries are going to disappear over the next several years and economists predict that a majority of these often low-paying jobs will not return.  At the same time, jobs in technology and technology driven industries have grown and will continue to grow, even during  the current pandemic. In particular, in-demand jobs in sales, business development and customer success are expected to expand to accommodate the growth in tech companies.

The founders and advisors of Skillz Academy are seasoned sales professionals with over 50 years of combined sales experience in media and technology. We believe that a large number of the people that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic can be re-trained for sales and customer success roles using modern, data-driven, and academically sound sales techniques, methods and models. We have deployed many of these methods in our own companies and are excited to bring our passion for sales to Skillz Academy.

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