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What is Tech Sales, Anyway?



In this blog, we will be discussing what tech sales is and why YOU should begin a career in the field. We define frequently used terms, provide an overview of the tech landscape in New Orleans, and outline the roles that are available to Skillz Academy graduates. Let’s get started!

Let’s begin with the basics. Business to Business (B2B) technology (tech) sales is the process of working with a business to understand their needs and determine how software (i.e., Zoom, Shopify, Venmo, etc.) or hardware (i.e., phone, computer, projector, etc.) can improve their operations. The goal is to identify how businesses can benefit from purchasing tech that offers a solution to an existing problem in their company.

At Skillz Academy, we like to use the example of selling Zoom to a school principal at the beginning of the pandemic to describe how software helps businesses solve problems. When students and teachers could no longer gather in person, schools needed to identify digital options that would allow them to continue operations. Zoom solved this need for schools by providing a seamless platform for the virtual classroom and creating flexibility for future use cases when an online option becomes necessary, such as during hurricanes, new COVID-19 outbreaks, and more.

Contrary to the perception of salespeople as deceitful or manipulative, software sales professionals utilize skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking to offer solutions to challenges that businesses are facing. As companies increasingly adapt to the digital world, the need for technology that allows them to maximize growth and efficiency will continue to expand.

Growth in the tech industry is particularly salient in New Orleans. During the pandemic, The Big Easy experienced the worst economic impacts of any Louisiana community, losing over 37,000 jobs and seeing a November 2021 unemployment rate that was 15% higher than the national average. Yet, the city is experiencing a technology boom! 

New Orleans was ranked #1 in the U.S. for tech employment growth by SmartAsset and has made national news for recent tech startup exits, including TurboSquid ($75M), Levelset ($500M), and Lucid ($1.5B). This industry can provide significant economic opportunity for New Orleanians looking to apply their customer-service skill set to high-paying careers.  

Skillz Academy provides a valuable entryway for its graduates to convert their experience in retail, hospitality, and customer service jobs to more lucrative roles in the tech industry. The three main tech sales positions that Skillz Academy teaches toward are the following:

  1. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
  2. Account Executives (AEs)
  3. Customer Success Managers (CSMs)

SDRs, also known as Business Development Representatives (BDRs), are typically entry-level hires who are responsible for identifying new business opportunities and reaching out to potential customers. The next rung on the tech sales career ladder is the AE. SDRs pass qualified leads to the AE, who closes the sale and nurtures customer relationships. Finally, CSMs focus on cultivating loyalty and ensuring that the product continues to meet their clients’ business needs. 

Image of sales professionals discussing strategy.

Skillz Academy teaches the skills necessary to succeed in these roles without any prior tech experience or an advanced degree. When our graduates launch their careers in tech, they have the opportunity to get their foot in the door, grow with the industry, and pave a path toward career stability and financial freedom.

Apply here today to take the first leap towards a better future!