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Top 10 Reasons to Join Skillz Academy


Joining Skillz Academy’s eight-week  “Software Sales Training Program” sounds like a no-brainer to us. But in case you need more incentive, here are the Top Ten Reasons to join our very first cohort, which launches on August 23, 2021. 

1.    It will cost you $0 upfront. The cost of your tuition will be covered by a combination of a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grant and an Income Share Agreement. What this means is that you will pay absolutely nothing to us unless you get a job earning at least $40,000 a year. If you get a job earning at least $40,000 a year then you will start paying us a small amount of your monthly salary until the balance of your tuition is paid off (about 2 years). 

2. No college degree is required. Successful salespeople come from all different backgrounds and have a wide variety of life experiences. We ensure that every graduate of our program has acquired the academic knowledge, soft skills, cultural competencies, and practical experience needed to ensure success, with or without a college degree. 

3. You will graduate in just eight short weeks. Our immersive training program is designed to prepare you for an entry-level tech job quickly, whether that’s in sales, business development, account management, or customer success. There’s no need to spend many months (or years) sitting through a degree or certification program. 

4. Tech jobs are plentiful, despite the pandemic. While many industries have suffered catastrophic job losses due to Covid 19, the tech sector is still going strong and is expected to continue growing. As a tech hub, New Orleans is home to many companies offering high-paying jobs to qualified candidates. Opportunity awaits, right in your own backyard!

5. We will help you find the right job once you graduate. Upon graduation, you will be ready for an entry-level job on the business side of tech. We’ll make sure you find one. We partner with local companies that are seeking qualified, motivated, hard working employees, just like you. We are fully committed to facilitating the placement of our graduates with the right companies. 

6.These jobs pay well, and offer benefits like health insurance, 401K plans, etc. We partner with technology companies in New Orleans and across the country that offer base salaries of $40,000 or more. Employees who work in sales, business development, account management and customer success often have the opportunity to earn commission on top of their base salaries, which can propel earning potential even higher. 

7. Our graduates gain instant, lifetime membership into a community of like-minded, diverse professionals. By 2022, the Skillz Professional Network will be a large community of graduates. These individuals will have shared experiences that foster strong social and professional bonds. Membership in this community will provide the basis for invaluable networking opportunities both now and in the future. 

8. Our graduates will receive at least one year of ongoing, on the job coaching. Each graduate will be paired with a coach who has  expertise in the graduate’s specific job function. These are trained professionals with real-world experience. Coaches will provide support when a graduate needs guidance in achieving a goal or fitting into a company’s culture. Access to the coach will be provided virtually, and will be available on demand.

9. We teach the type of skills that lead to a lifetime of career advancement and success. Our curriculum teaches a “future-proof” set of skills. These transferable skills will serve you throughout your lifetime. They will  allow you to successfully navigate various jobs while capitalizing on the wide variety of opportunities available throughout the technology industry.

10 . We know what we are doing. Our team has over 50 years of combined sales experience in media and technology. We have a passion for sales and a proven track record of real-world success. We also have a vested interest in promoting opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, specifically people of color. 

What are you waiting for? We are currently seeking diverse candidates to join our first cohort. Click here to get the ball rolling.