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Tech Needs More Sellers, Not More Engineers!


Did you catch Skillz Academy’s CEO & Founder Courtney Williams on WBOK 1230 AM? He sat down with Oliver Thomas & Blair Condoll to discuss how getting reskilled to work in tech sales could change your life and vitalize your community! 

Skillz Academy provides a pathway for people who know how to sell to break into lucrative tech roles. Courtney draws from the experience of beginning his career at AOL to express how you don’t need to learn a single line of code to pursue opportunities in the tech industry. There are companies all over the city and the nation that are hungry for ambitious New Orleanians to sell their software!

Here are some of the main points made by Courtney during the show:

  • When people talk about tech, they almost always start thinking about engineering. They’re talking about the coders, product managers, and designers – parts of the tech industry that are challenging for anyone to get into.
  •  What tends to be left out of the conversation is the business side: sales, marketing, operations, customer support, customer success.
  • There are many more opportunities [on the business side of tech]. In a typical tech company, if you’ve got 100 people, maybe 30 are the engineers and the other 70 are these business folks.
  • The business side of tech is an easier entry point for people from underrepresented backgrounds. It plays to their strengths, particularly in a city like New Orleans where they have the gift of the gab.
  • The biggest challenge is to encourage people to start thinking that they do belong; that there are opportunities in tech. You don’t have to be an engineer. You don’t have to be a math whiz to be successful in the tech industry.

If you can sell, are a people person or a problem solver, take a chance at a career in softwares sales! Apply to Skillz Academy and take the first step today.