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Our goal is to dramatically transform today’s workforce. Our first program is a Software Sales Training program that will give you the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to launch a new career in tech. Once you complete our program, you will be ready for an entry-level role as a sales development representative or a customer success representative  that offers great pay, benefits, and the opportunity to earn even more as you gain on-the-job experience. The key components of our highly effective training program include:


Our program is designed to be a bridge for those who are underrepresented in the tech industry.

Program Overview

Business Writing

As a salesperson, you’ll leverage email to sell to buyers and communicate with colleagues at your company. We integrate writing exercises into our training so that you have plenty of opportunities to polish your writing skills for the workplace.

Servant Selling in Tech

New to tech? We’ll explain what tech companies are and how they work. We’ll then teach you the principles of servant selling, an approach based on asking questions, listening, and educating. Through a series of simulations and projects, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to sell.

Digital Skills & Sales Tools

During training, you will use tools that tech employees leverage to communicate and collaborate (e.g., Google Workspace and Zoom). This will give you the confidence to jump right into today’s digital workplace. We’ll also introduce you to the most commonly used software tools that salespeople use to do their jobs, like Salesforce and LinkedIn.

Strategies for Thriving in Tech

Employees of tech companies are often white men with four-year college degrees. As a result, there can be hidden dynamics that employees from underrepresented backgrounds may not immediately recognize.  We will teach you culturally informed strategies that will equip you to successfully navigate and thrive in tech.

Career Services

You will learn modern job search strategies, like personal branding and mock interviewing. With this approach, you’ll interview and be placed in a paid, three month apprenticeship with one of our employer partners. See our FAQ page to learn more about our apprenticeships.


Once you’re on-the-job, our support doesn’t stop; you will be paired with a Coach and Mentor for one year after you complete training. These individuals will provide the support you need to help you achieve company goals or navigate company culture.

Skillz Professional Network

Upon completion of the program, you will become a member of the Skillz Professional Network. Access to the network will provide you with a professional community of peers from diverse backgrounds. Given that the network is composed of Skillz Academy Alumni, your shared experiences are the foundation for strong social and professional bonds.


Week 1

Digital Skills & Productivity Tools

Week 2

Introduction to Technology Companies

Week 3

Strategies for Job Searching

Week 4

Foundations for Selling Software

Week 5

Selling Software Step #1: Prospecting

Week 6

Selling Software Step #2: Qualifying

Week 7

Introduction to Sales Tools

Week 8

Selling Software Step #3: ​​Educating and Demonstrating

Week 9

Selling Software Step #4 + #5: Proposing + Negotiating and Closing

Week 10

Selling Software Step #6: Customer Success and Account Management

Week 11

Strategies for Navigating & Thriving at Technology Companies

Week 12

Portfolio Submission & Career Day

After Graduation

3-month paid apprenticeship earning at least $3000 per month