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Our goal is to dramatically transform today’s workforce. Our first program is a Software Sales Training program that will give you the skills, knowledge and experience needed to launch a new career at a technology company. Once you complete our program, you will be ready for an entry-level role selling software that offers great pay, benefits, and the opportunity to earn even more as you gain on-the-job experience. The key components of our highly effective training program include:


Our program is designed with the diverse candidate in mind

Program Overview

Academic Curriculum

Coursework, experiences and activities that teach you the fundamentals of selling modern software and technology solutions.

Soft Skills Curriculum

Corporate environments require skills that are necessary for success such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, dynamic leadership and effective teamwork. We will help you acquire these skills and show you how to apply them in your new career.

Cultural Competence Training

We teach the hidden dynamics and social competencies required to successfully navigate, grow and thrive in the predominantly white and male work environments that currently exist in tech. Instruction will include active role playing, self guided activities, seminars and other group activities.


We will provide a series of hands-on work projects and experiences that accompany your classroom work. You will practice your new knowledge in real-life situations and scenarios, giving you the confidence that comes with experience.

Coaching and Development

You will receive up to one year of ongoing, on-the-job coaching from a trained professional coach with expertise in your specific job function. The coach will provide specific and targeted support when you need help in achieving goals or navigating a company’s culture.

Skillz Professional Network

Upon completion of the program, you will automatically be inducted into the Skillz Professional Network. Access to the Skillz Professional Network will provide you with a professional community of diverse salespeople. The network will be composed of Skillz Academy graduates who will have had shared experiences that foster the development of strong social and professional bonds.

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