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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply for Admission?

Anyone can apply to enroll in any program offered by Skillz Academy. 

We recognize that a significant portion of America’s underemployed and unemployed talent are people of color and/or people from underrepresented backgrounds. Our goal is to connect employers looking to hire a diverse workforce with well-trained sales people, while at the same time helping diverse employees grow and prosper in their roles and in their companies.

As a Graduate of Skillz Academy, What Will I Do and Where Will I Work?

Skillz Academy will prepare you to work in a wide variety of companies in the technology sector, primarily in roles such as sales, business development, account management, and customer success. We partner with companies who are committed to diversifying their workforce, and who have open positions available.w.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend Skillz Academy?

The total cost to attend Skillz Academy is $12,000. However, most people qualify for special grants to help offset the cost.

We also offer revenue share agreements, meaning you pay nothing up front and only pay for Skillz Academy after you’ve landed a job making a minimum of $40,000 per year. At that point, you pay us back via a reasonable monthly payment. Our team will help you determine the best way to pay for Skillz Academy, so you aren’t stressed about the cost.

What is the Time Commitment?

The Software Sales Training program meets from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday for 8 weeks. Participants are required to be on time and to have read, viewed, or listened to the required materials prior to class time.

Is Your Program Virtual or In-Person?

Our program will be in-person at our New Orleans campus. We believe in-person instruction facilitates effective learning and promotes camaraderie among classmates. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and we continue to monitor safety guidance. We are prepared to shift to an all-virtual learning environment if that is ever required.

Will You Guarantee Me a Job After I Graduate?

Our success is tied to your success. While we cannot guarantee you a job, our graduates will have ample opportunity to meet and interact with our employee partners. We also provide resume assistance, interview training sessions, and other forms of support to ensure you are successful in your job search.

How Much Will I Earn?​

We partner with technology companies that offer salaries starting at $40,000 per year. Some will offer even higher base salaries. Traditionally, employees who work in sales, business development, account management and customer success have the opportunity to earn commission on top of their base salaries.