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We help companies scale their sales teams and diversify their workforce.

Skillz Academy is an upskilling, placement and retention support company that aspires to dramatically transform the workforce of the future by providing highly skilled diverse talent to the tech industry. Our mission is to deliver talent to the tech industry that is skilled, diverse, and ready to work. Central to our mission is partnering with tech companies that share our commitment to building and maintaining a truly diverse workforce.

Our program is built for individuals that are historically underrepresented in the technology industry, including minorities, women, and people without a four-year college degree. Our primary goal is to identify, recruit, and train our participants for business-oriented, entry-level roles in tech. We focus on the “business of tech” (sales, customer success, operations) versus the “science of tech” (coding, engineering, product). The economic fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with an incredible opportunity to retrain and upskill large numbers of unemployed Americans from hard-hit industries like hospitality, retail, and entertainment. With our help, these individuals can transition to business careers in the tech industry in roles where they are likely to be successful.

Skilled. Diverse. Ready to Work.

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% of FAANG workforce – Black/ US population – 14%​


% of FAANG workforce – Latinx/ US population – 18.5%​


% of FAANG workforce – Women/ US population – 51%​

The founders and advisors of Skillz Academy are seasoned sales professionals with over fifty years of combined media and technology sales experience. We are excited to share our passion for sales and our commitment to increasing diversity with our partner companies.


Skillz Academy helps tech companies solve a number of challenging staffing needs by providing well-trained, entry level, diverse individuals  for hire in sales and customer success roles. We provide a complete and rigorous recruiting experience for our partners that includes identifying and recruiting talented individuals from underrepresented  backgrounds; providing best-in-class sales training through our Software Sales Training Program; matching partner companies with qualified candidates; and helping partners reduce attrition by supporting our Fellows  through their first year of work.

Here’s how it works. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Through our onboarding process, we develop a true understanding of your company, its culture, and your specific staffing needs. We strive to build relationships with employer partners that are committed to creating fair and meritocratic work environments where individuals from underrepresented backgrounds  can thrive, while delivering exceptional financial and business results to their employers.


We commit to finding you high quality individuals to fill your sales, business development, and customer success roles. In exchange, you commit to providing our Fellows a) a paid 3 month apprenticeship, b) a Mentor to support and guide their onboarding experience and c) a high quality work environment where they can earn a minimum annual salary of at least $40K per year plus commission and benefits.


Upon entering an agreement with us, we will give you access to our proprietary online matching platform where you can view our database of rigorously vetted and trained Fellows.  Our platform provides you with a deep dive into each Fellow’s background via an online portfolio that contains information about the Fellow’s recruitment and training journey. Once a Felllow is matched with an employer, we enable a streamlined interview process that allows you to meet and interact with the Felllow prior to selection.


Upon completion of their three month apprenticeships, if an offer of full time employment is made to one of our Fellows, we will then charge a modest placement fee for helping you source and hire an exceptional employee. Once hired, we continue to support your new employee by providing them with ongoing professional coaching from one of our expert coaches.

“Skillz Academy makes it possible for innovative employers to tap into a pipeline of talented, diverse candidates that they have traditionally struggled to access and harness. I am excited about the work they are doing to connect employers to high quality candidates in New Orleans and look forward to them expanding their services to the rest of the country.”
Sunae Villavaso
Director, Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, Office of Business and External Services (OBES)